Hello! Welcome to Love to Learn, Run and Cook. I’m excited to begin 2017 sharing my love of food and cooking. Hence, the addition of “cook” to my blog title. I decided to start a website because the blog format didn’t allow for an organized display of blog post themes, recipes, and pictures.

I plan to continue sharing my knowledge in:  psychology, parenting, education, youth sports, child development, running, cooking, and of course, how I learn from everyday mishaps. The cooking addition will entail background on the dish, along with a recipe. If the food item is not created by me, I will provide the source and hope to add a little bit of fun and flair to that section. The final presentation hasn’t been finalized, but I have fun ideas in mind.

If you know me in real life, through Twitter or my blog: lovetolearnrun.blogspot.com, you know I LOVE a lot of diverse people, things, places, ideas, concepts, etc, etc., so you can be sure to learn along with me. There are indefinite adventures to embark on and learn, but, unfortunately, we can’t experience everything, right? Why not share a vicarious sampling of experiences, talents, and mishaps  with one another? We add to our buckets and make friends in the process. What do say? Do you want to join me on my koo-koo adventures?

Thank you for vising a little bit of my mind…

Your friend or future friend,