When I’m Feeling Blue…

When I’m feeling blue…, all I have to do

Is take a look at you…, then I’m not so blue…

Phil Collins is the man. He was right. While the rest of the lyrics to his beauty, “Groovy Kind of Love”, speak of romantic love, often when in need of a pick me up, nature makes me sing those two lines. Cloud coverage makes it difficult for the sun to shine its  brightness.

I try to shine sunlight on people in my life as often as possible, but some days, I experience a bit of cloud coverage. Yep, I sure do! Did you forget? Yes. I’m human. All humans have moments of melancholia.

Why Was I Feeling Blue?

Nature. Yep. Nature is an oxymoron. It makes me happy and sad, sometimes, simultaneously.

Why was I, Ms. Sunshine, feeling sad when: the sun was cuddling and nurturing my mind and body, adding extra color and highlights to my skin and hair;  birds sang and danced like they were partying at a happenin’ hip-hop club; bunnies hopped from bush to bush, making it  impossible to capture their adorableness with my phone; baby lizards popped up like jack-in-the boxes; and, those precious pups… Oh, those precious creatures, who know I’m a crazy dog lover,  tugged and pulled on their humans to turn back to say hello to the female Ace Ventura Pet Lover?

Hey, I just thought of another Halloween costume possibility. I can dress up like a female Ace Ventura! Hmmm…

Ace Ventura

Back to topic, lady!

Oh, yes, so the answer: Nature.

The bitter-sweetness of it all. I love you, Mother Nature, but sometimes, I wish you and Father Time would take a little vacation, so the rest of us can savor the special moments that lasts milliseconds.

He’ll ALWAYS be my baby!

I, now, understand the reasoning for the commentary  veteran moms dispersed when I was a young mom: “Enjoy it, it goes by quick!” “Blink and you’ll miss it.” “Enjoy it!” “Before you know it, he’ll be driving…” And, a ton more commentary that could fill pages of a book. But, “… (she/he) will always be my baby” was hilarious to me before I entered motherhood. I used to think: Eek! Poor child! Today, I get it.

While I try to mindfully enjoy as many milliseconds as I can, it’s impossible to capture all the joys of motherhood. Those moms were 100% correct. Knowing my cutie (who will always be my baby boy) will be an adolescent in a few days, evokes major bitter-sweetness. Why? It signals the end of official childhood , but the start of immense growth and self discovery. His dad and I are raising him to be an independent and kind thinker, so, he will be a-OK, but I’m human and even with all I know about development, I still question whether I’m fully prepared to take on the most emotionally, mentally, and socially challenging years in the adolescent-parent dyad.

All I can do is continue learning and implementing a combination of research and my maternal instincts. I hope we’re mostly pitched fast balls, but I’m prepping for curve balls, too. Wish me luck!

So why did nature make me smile?


FullSizeRender (44)
What shape do you see?

I was on a training run when discomfort on my left leg kicked in. Oh no! I hope it’s not shin splints. Nope. You  learned your  lesson, no more injuries from overdoing it, lady! I pause running to implement the run-walk method (Galloway,  for you runners). After walking, the discomfort was gone. I was able to sprint at my favorite spots. Wahoo!!! I always feel like an awesome superhero when sprinting across stretches of the beautiful paths in my neck of the woods. Ha!

Anyway, I think the momentary discomfort was Mother Nature asking me to pause for a cuddle. I’m special, Mother Nature  speaks to me:  Come here, my child. Your heart looks like it needs a hug. Nope, not just once. Two times. All this love happened  in the span of 5 minutes. Are you jealous? Does she speak to you, too? 

FullSizeRender (45)
Do you see what I see? A heart, a heart… waiting just for me… I contemplated bringing it home to show my son and husband, but decided to let someone else needing a hug experience the same joy.

As an aside, of course, real life family and friends evoke giant smiles, but this post is about the love nature disperses no matter what is happening in our world. We just have to pause to see it, feel it, smell it, touch it, and sometimes, taste it.

Oh, one more thing! The Dodgers breaking their way-too-many-games-to mention-loosing-streak, WON, later that evening! Against, THE San Francisco Giants! I love it!!! Huge smiles. HUGE.


Have a “beautiful day…”, lovely friends!



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