I Was Blocked By A Friend?!

Help me out, here, veteran social media friends. I think, many of you are friends? Up until January 2016, I had NO intentions of EV-ER joining social media. Aren’t you happy I decided to join? Can you imagine your Twitter feed without me?! He. He. He. Probably, a lot, less cheese and corn, for sure, but no giant smiles and, most importantly, all the lovely emojis I LOVE to use… Pft. Who would want a Twitter feed without a plethora of emojis, right, Half Horse-Half Man? Ha!Ha!Ha! Anyway,  I decided to join Twitter for reasons I may share with you, one day. Again, I think, I may. But, not so sure, anymore.

Most of the people who read my blog are family, real life friends, and lovely, online, friends, I “met” on Twitter. The reason for starting the blog was to share “Yes Day!”. Since that post, I decided to share a ton more. Real life family and friends were shocked when they learned of my blog because I was once incredibly private. A lot of what I share on my blog is deep, personal thoughts. Thoughts and feelings, even, many of the real life awesome people didn’t know until they read it , here.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it…

Anyone who knows me in real life, knows I am honest to fault, and maybe that honesty has caused an online “friend” to “block”me? I’ve received notifications that have made me want to stop tweeting, but there are so many more bright and positive people to keep me chir-ping away…

There’s a handful of you who have your notifications blow-up with my “likes” from time to time, so I was going to check-in with this lovely “friend” and to my surprise, she had “blocked” me. Ouch. I thought she liked me. She said it and showed it by liking a lot my cheesy tweets and posts. Hmmm… What did I say that made her block me? All my replies are positive. Ok, fine, corny and cheesy. But, it’s positive corn and cheese.

This may sound like a silly question, but I’m honestly asking it because this social media world may not be a good match for someone as honest and nice as me: Is it possible I was accidentally “blocked”?



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  1. Aw man I hear ya…I have been unfollowed definitely by so called “friends” and really it is what it is, see ya when I see ya I try not to get all too offended. I just think it is more interesting than anything when it happens. Some people really just aren’t that happy and take social media way too serious. It is quite funny really.

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    1. So true. Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts on this post. Have a lovely week!:)

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