Ph-ew! I’m NOT Creepy.

Here comes the sun… Do…ooo….ooo. Here comes the sun and I say… It’s alright… Su…n… Su…n. Su…n. Here it comes…

As the title of this post already stated, major PH-EW! Boy, what a relief to know I am not creepy. Uh-huh, that’s why I needed clarification from you, awesome seasoned Tweeters.

Projection is a popular term in psychology for good reason. We often project our thoughts and feelings onto others which can be positive, but, usually, it’s not. Believe it or not, even, an insider of the field can forget to reflect and experience human feelings.

Thank you, lovely people for commenting and helping me with the question: Is it possible I was accidentally blocked?! I wanted clarification because it was my first experience with being on the receiving end of a “block”. Ha. I feel like I’m describing a video game or basketball play in which a shot needs  blocking. Ha. Ha. Ha. I have to amuse myself, it makes me happy. My husband thinks I’m a bit dorky for often laughing at myself. “How do you not laugh at yourself?” I ask. “Everyone should laugh at their own jokes. We’re not all wittingly funny like you, M.” Ha! Darn him. He’s really funny. Not cheesy or corny, either. But, I love cheesy and corny. I love all humor. I’m not a humor snoot, at all.

Ok, but back to this topic, Karina.

So, yes, I was projecting the reason I’ve highlighted and clicked on “block” onto my “blockee”. Uh- huh. You read that correctly, lovely people. I have “blocked”, too. They deserved it. Super creepy. Projection is the reason I was confused about the recent karma I received. Why? Well,  hello, I am SO not creepy and because I was projecting, I thought this person who is probably still lovely, blocked me.

Clearly, you all know I’m not creepy, so she blocked me for another reason. I hope she didn’t think I was creepy. I really hope nobody thinks of me as creepy. If you do, please change your mindset and think of me as odd or better yet, interesting. My definition of creepy is really creepy and honestly, I can’t think of anything I have tweeted or blogged to make me my definition of creepy.

After reading your responses and comments, I realize why I may have been blocked. I do share my political views which may not be the views of all you lovely people. So, if you ever decide to unfollow or block me, I will not create a character with you in mind in which he/she is involved in gruesome scenes. I promise. Unless, you’re creepy, then, I’ll block you, first. Ha!

Of course, nobody who gets a slew of notifications from time to time letting them know I’m enamored with their thoughts can ever be creepy. You are all beautiful people. Beautiful people.

But, please don’t ever worry about hurting my feelings if you decide I have met your Tweeting needs and need to move forward with your life. I look and present like Rainbow Bright, but I’m made of steel. Seriously, rock hard, nobody can bring me down. Trust me, some have tried, but, hello, they were not smart at all because anyone who is knows steel can’t shatter.

rainbow brite
In case you were born post- Rainbow Brite, this is the rainbow colored, happy-smiles-and unicorns-and-all-good thoughts-of-the-world character. It was created in my image, but they decided to go with blond hair to keep with the bright-rainbow color theme.

As my lovely online sister stated in her response, it’s so true, people are in our lives for different reasons and varying periods of time. Unfortunately, life is meant to be enjoyed with people who share in what we find meaningful and beautiful, so I completely understand if anyone else decides to fly , fly away and explore more of our immense world. Who else wants to watch Forrest Gump when you hear or read the words: “fly, fly away…”?

Have a lovely, sun shiny day, lovely people.

Brady Bunch

Sun… Sun… Sun… Here it comes…


Ha! Ha! Ha! is what I did when I saw these two animations Google created… You’ve seen these pics before, they go with my theme, so you get to see them, again, but in animation form… Fancy dancy, right?


Today’s epilogue is for social media newbies who are incredibly nice and honest (Twitter, only):

  1. If you’re super nice and honest, tone down the niceness. Some people fear nice because super nice is not the norm in life. I know, I know, I wish it was, too. But, we need to sprinkle our love and kindness spell in baby steps. It’s a normal reaction to fear and be cautious of someone who doesn’t fit the norm, so either tone down your niceness or brace and arm yourself as if you were preparing for a natural disaster. Ha! Ha! Ha!
  2. If you’re blocked, it’s not because you’re creepy, unless you’re creepy. In that case, stop being creepy.
  3. Like real life, people block for a myriad of reasons. Move on. Spread your kindness and sunshine where it is needed and wanted.
  4. You will receive notifications from mean spirited people. It’s still real life, so unhappy and angry people will want to bring you down and erase your positive and loving energy. DO. NOT. ALLOW. THAT. TO. HAPPEN. Like in real life, pity them and give them the internal finger if they are super trolls. They are a waste of time and energy. If you can’t help it and want to respond, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Instead, hope they can find peace and joy.
Dora boots and the troll
I know. I, too, thought this was the scariest troll before joining Twitter. But, we’re not living in a Dora the Explorer world.
  1. If you’re not on the “strongly agree” of a Likert scale when asked:” You are so nice you could be the second Mother Teresa”, but still on the “agree” bubble and believe in karma, no need to expel any energy with mean spirited online people, they will get their karma or are already living it.
  2. If you continue to receive excessive non positive notifications (or any amount), consider making your account private. The mean spirited people who you didn’t choose to “follow” can’t view your profile.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Friends can be strange sometimes and sometimes they can even be downright rude. I’m finding that politics is causing many friend break-ups now-a-days, so do not spend time fretting about any of this. I am one of those people who write murder mysteries and kill off characters modeled after people I abhor. It is very cathartic and I recommend it to anyone who has been blocked by a friend or relative turned blocker.

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    1. Ha! Ha! Ha! So true. I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures and murder mysteries.

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