We Can’t Control Our Yelp Experience. Or, Can We?

via Daily Prompt: Control

Are you a furry-friend-parent? If so, have you ever experienced a need for  last minute boarding? If not, you are way lucky. However, if,  like my family, you have, you understand what we were feeling a few days ago. If you don’t have a furry-friend-child, but are familiar with parents having to leave their child in care of others, it’s the same stress. You want your precious pup in the care of loving and kind hearts, right?

I won’t bore you with details of the first experience leaving my human and furry child in the care of others, that is a book size post. Plus, those experiences happened eons ago, my human child is nearing adolescence and my girl is middle aged (6 year-old). For this post, I will focus on the recent encounter I faced through Yelp.

DON’T EVER, I MEAN, NEVER click on “Request a Quote”

I don’t want to be bossy and tell you what to do, but, if like me, you are not a fan of getting a slew of emails from random pet related needs, do not click on it. It’s like Gremlins: drinking, getting near water,  or eating food past midnight. I was tricked. But, thanks to my mistake, you can avoid it. You’re welcome.

Why did I click the bright green, “Request a Quote” button?

I thought I was getting  a quote from the baorders I was researching, but, no…, Yelp outsmarted me. They must be excellent chess players. Good move or sneaky move? Sneaky, definitely, sneaky.  Guess what, Yelp. Never, again. Never, again… This one time chess looser will not be tricked by your chess moves, again, my friends.

But, for the record, I do enjoy reading your reviews when in need of guidance, so thank you for that kind side of you. Good day, Yelp.


Why did I use a picture of my pup looking away from the camera?

It goes with the daily prompt theme, “Control”. Back then, she was a puppy. Oh, the stories I can share about those days… But, I won’t, not today. Of course, like human children, as they mature, posing for pictures with mom is not what it once was for both parties. Waaa, I will cherish the days my cutie loved posing for pictures with his: “mama’, “meemerson”, “mommy”, etc.

Anyway, this picture is perfect for the daily post theme, control,  because through trial and error, I realized, I could control picture taking with my girl. I had to pick her up and hold her if I wanted a view of her face.



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