Friend of the Friendless-Yes, I Am. Yes, I AM…

Love. What do you think of when seeing and hearing that word? A lot? Me, too. I also see the word, “volé”. If you speak Spanish, you understand the translation. If you don’t, no problem,  it means, I flew.

While I sometimes imagine I have the wingspan of an Albatross (11 ft. 8 in.), I would be lying if I said I could fly. However, metaphorically, I open my wings and heart as much as humanly possible.

albatross wingspan
Impressive wing span… (what Disney movie is that line from?) Ooo… wee… What a beauty! If you spot one on your adventures, say hello from me, it will probably be one of many long-lost -Albatross-cousins.

I love a lot. I love so much, sometimes, I wish I didn’t because loving as much as I do, can be negative. However, like anything, positives outweigh depressive. Even when it’s not the case, I like to focus on positive morsels.

Loving all types of people, places, things, animals, books, music, etc., etc., means more opportunities to learn and experience beauty. While on a hike with my pup, I ran towards a beautiful section of wild mustard. To many, wild mustard is probably another weed on the trail, maybe not, but I don’t often see images of mustard or hear people gushing about its beauty.

I don’t know if it was the episode of I Love Lucy I viewed as a child where Lucy is feeling lonely and unloved. If you’re a Lucy fan, do you remember that episode?  “Friends of the Friendless”? Yes? No? Anyway, I believe that episode  (or the fact I arrived into the world with a naturally big heart) turned me  into a magnet for people and things looking sad and lonely.

“We’re the friends of the friendless, yes we are. We’re the friends of the friendless,  yes we are. Yes, we are. We’re the friends of the friendless, we’re the friends of the friendless, were the friends of the friendless, yes we are , yes we are… Boom-boom-boomstuck with me since that summer day, way…. back in the 1980’s ( just said that like Cousin Ernie).

Cousin Ernie.

Since then, I internally sing that song, often. Usually, when I spot someone or something needing a pick me up, a smile, an ear, or a simple: good morning, hello, or hi, the human in me, sees the human in you. Cheesy thought? Agree. But, it’s probably one of the reasons  I chose to enter the field of psychology.

Hey, Lady! Your Heart is Sticking Out!

I know. I think some people spot my GIANT heart. It makes me happy to know loving many people, things, and places create positive moments. Somehow, I  sense when people or things need a hug. Not literally, please, do not think I go around hugging strangers and objects. I so do not do that.  If I did, I would be at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, and, not as an employee. I smile and say hello a lot because, sometimes, that’s all we need, to know someone cared enough to acknowledge our presence and reciprocate love and appreciation of the beauty in the world.

Beauty. It’s e-v-e-r-y-where… Really.

If I didn’t look for beauty in everything, I would have missed out on a beautiful butterfly dance while on a recent hike with my pup. My girl was ready to head home, but the wild mustard was swaying and waving like they were at a happenin’ concert. I had to go and say hello. They waved their arms in the air like they just didn’t care while yelling, “Hey! Hey! Human dancer, get your butt over here… Come, join the butterfly dance party, lady!” Of course, my good ‘ol running shoes moved to the beat of the music, “OK, come on, girl, let’s go check out the scene.”  Ms. Frida Kahlo was not happy about breaking her routine. She tugged and pulled. Tugged and pulled some more, but my feet kept veering to our left.

After realizing she had no choice, her head shook and from deep down, she unleashed a slew of”har-har-har-ffffttts” leaving her left mustache looking a lot like an angry raised human eyebrow.  “I… get it, girl. I know, you want to go back home,  but, I’m the mom, so sometimes, I need to do what makes me happy, too. Besides, that’s rude. I’m not raising you to be rude, girl. Come on, let’s go check out the pretty wild mustard.”

Often, I’m intrigued by what isn’t, typically, considered beautiful by the masses. Not because I want to feel unique. I won’t lie, I do want to feel unique in other areas, but not when it relates to people. Why? Through years of studying the mind, human behavior, and our environment, I’ve learned many of the most fascinating and fun people, places, and things in the world are the ones not fitting American ideals of  “normal” or beautiful. By the way, I don’t believe “normal” exists, but that’s a different post.

If we all looked for the beautiful (not just physical beauty) and unique in all people, we would be more kind to each other. I look closely at almost everything in life. Often, what appears as wild, tarnished, or “flawed” is filled with beauty. People who appreciate all types of people, things, and places add more to their baskets of knowledge. Plus, as a huge bonus: see, feel, taste and touch more beauty.

fortune cookie
How. Cool. Is. This? No, not just any fortune. Fortune inside my cookie the day I partied with wild mustard and butterflies. You know, I annoyed my family by letting them know how cool I thought this coincidence was , too. He. He. He. But, they agreed. They roll their eyes and sigh in annoyance at the cheese and corn I serve up every week. But, if I changed the menu, they would demand a return of the comforting taste cheese and corn provides. Who doesn’t love comfort food, right? Ha! Ha! Ha!


More on my favorite-ever-QUEEN-of-comedy... Ms. Uber-Funny, the late, Lucille Ball, ladies and gentlemen. Round of applause for her, please. She so deserves it. Plus, what else? My new favorite type of epilogues-pictures! Pictures! And, more… pictures!  

Comedy Lead-Off Hitter- Ms. Great “Ball” of Laughter

In case, you’re not familiar with the infamous, “Friend’s of the Friendless” episode (real title, “Lucy’s Last Birthday”), here’s a glimpse of what I sing and retrieve from  the ‘ol hippocampus from time to time. Please, watch clip, below, first, then, continue reading the epilogue. Thank you!

Why did  I kindly ask you to view clip, first?

I’m bossy. Ha! Ha! Ha! and more, Ha! Ha! Ha! NO WAY…. I AM NOT BOSSY AT ALL… Seriously, everyone in my real world will attest to that FACT. Friend to the Friendless can’t be bossy.

Back to topic…

Did you catch Lucy’s confidence and demeanor change post-“Friends of the Friendless”? Impressive change, right? Clearly, that band was full of magicians. Or, they were modeling the abracadabra of showing people they are never an insignificant speckle of matter. Like Lucy, most of us have real life people who love and care for us, but it’s normal for our friends and family to have their own stressors and preoccupations, so they can’t, always, spot our mood, feelings and thoughts, nor, should they. But, I won’t go into detail on that subject (that’s another post).

Like Lucy, pre-“Friends of the Friendless”, it’s normal to feel unloved and lonely even though we know we have people who love us. Those darn milestones, they can wreck havoc when feeling vulnerable and down in the dumps.

I’m not advocating going around town transforming sad-looking strangers into friends, but “Friends of the Friendless” were a symbol of the positive effects to mind and body when we smile and say “hi” to our fellow humans and planet.

Oh! Yes, by the way, do you have (or have ever had) band dreams?

I’ve often thought of starting a real life, “Friends of the Friendless” band, but NO…BODY, I mean, NOBODY in my real life will join. P-f-t to them, right? SO, which of you lovely imaginary/virtual friends would join my band if we lived near each other? I know one I can count on, already… My lovely-awesome-beautiful-virtual-sister-runner-lover-of-the-outdoors-food-coffee-fun-dancing machine-singer-writer-lover-of-books-and-learning-friend, the one and… only, S…..A…. Fr…anco… Please, tell me I’m right, sister; otherwise, I’ll be embarrassed. Plump-juicy-on -the -vine-tomato-in sunny- Southern-California-with-hints-of- the-real-deal-strawberry-ice-cream red.

So, who’s in? Come on… you know you want to dress up in super-cool-cheesy matching outfits and hats… I’m even willing to become a Friend of the Friendless-Running-Reading band. Who’s in, now?

Shoot! I forgot to add the pictures, I promised. Ok, here you go:

frida by mustard
Here she is, Ms. Frida Kahalo, on paved road, trying to lead us to the trail exit. Smart girl. I could never get lost with her keen sense of direction. What her posture and sounds said: Mom, we’re next to wild mustard, already, not to mention, you stopped a minute ago to take pictures of mustard, remember? Now, you want me to go through those bushes for more?  Geez, lady.
IMG_5095 (1)
She was right. Pretty, right?
A close up.
IMG_5100 (2)
The view of the happenin’ party from afar. Not too exciting to most people, plus, check out the wild oats. My girl is a snoot about textures on her paws, fur, and eyebrows, so I felt a little guilty about her post-butterfly-wild-mustard party look. It required a bath and she HATES baths. Don’t worry, no nicks and cuts, if I know danger is involved, invites are declined. Safety, first, especially, when my children are involved. Plus, she got tons of cuddles and kisses after her bath. I wish I would have snapped pics of my girl’s post-party look. Super adorable… Weed remnants look good on her.
leaving trail
The end of the wild-mustard on that trail, but…

They are all over the place in my neck of the woods, right now… The rest of the pictures are from random adventures around town days after the “connection” between wild-mustard and “Friends of the Friendless”.

mustard on road

mustard on road 2
I got a few looks from drivers probably thinking, “that lady’s odd… What is she taking pictures of? Okey-doke, let’s keep driving…” Yes, please, keep driving. Shoo-shoo. Don’t bother me. Ha!




lake with mustard
See… beauty lurks behind “wild”, ordinary, and not the “norm” of what some societies think is beautiful.


That’s my son pointing at the trail he wanted to hike down, but… I ruined it…
…. “I don’t think it’s a good idea”, said my husband as he looked down at my shoes. They are super-comfy-wedged-sneakerish-booties. In my defense, we were on a post-dinner drive and I like feeling stylish. Fashion designer was one of my childhood dreams. Anyway, this pic was accidentally snapped, I have thousands of accidental snaps… I snap away so much, I guess I keep snapping as I set my phone down, too. But, in this case, it’s good my camera kept rolling, you get to see why I ruined my son’s idea to hike down. But, not to worry, we will be returning for a hike with proper shoes and gear.

Butterfly Dance- Take 2

Have a sun-shiny day, lovely people… And, don’t forget to attend “Friend of the Friendless” band auditions… We are coming to a town and city near you…


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  1. Whenever I feel like ” a bit of flotsam in the sea” I will sing this song and do the butterfly dance, although I could not view it because I was given the message it was “private”. (I am not jumping to the conclusion I was blocked, but I’ve never come across this message on a blogger video before). So, I’m imagining the butterfly dance and going out to practice it in my front yard because the sun just came out and there are tulips waiting to be my audience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thank you so much for reading my posts and following me back! See, you just made me smile:) Also, thank you for letting me know about the video. I didn’t know it was set to private. I’m experimenting with YouTube. It was the first videos I uploaded.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, and here I am thinking it was a test to see if we were paying attention. Seriously, I’ve made every mistake in the book with this blogging business and there is little hope for me improving in the future.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Quirky Girl says:

    Haha! I remember that episode of I Love Lucy. I love I Love Lucy! 😀


    1. Yay!! I LOVE Lucy, too!!Thank you so much for following and reading my blog. I look forward to reading your posts.

      Liked by 1 person

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