Filter Me This. Filter Me That. Do You #NoFilter or #Filter?

Selfie. Selfie. Selfie. Sound familiar? Yes? If no, re-read using Jan’s tone when saying, “Marsha. Marsha. Marsha!” Ring a bell, now? If no, how did you survive childhood not watching The Brady Bunch?


You had a life. Ok, that explains it. You are forgiven, my lovely friend.

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As many of you have read in news/magazine articles or social media, selfies, principally, filtered selfies are getting a bad rap. While I don’t post many selfies on Twitter, I’m not a “selfie hater”. I don’t post them, often, because, honestly, most are of me making odd or goofy faces while on outings, they don’t go with my tweets.

Running selfies?

I can’t capture the inner joy of  running with a cell phone, so I stopped sharing running tweets. I’ll leave the euphoric/motivating  running tweets to the “run and snap” pros. I don’t think my mishaps will motivate anyone. Plus, I missed an invite to the social media running selfie course because most of the runners on Twitter who post running selfies look like they belong on Runner’s World.

But, don’t despair, when race photographers or my family snap away, I will share away the good and not-so-good on my blog.

Are You A Fan of Filtered Selfies?

As a keen observer and can’t-help-but-overhear-conversations (all writers do it, it’s part of our craft, right,  writers?) pro, I often hear comments, statements, and words that inspire me. Recently, one of those conversations happened as I waited in line for coffee. Women behind me discussed social media posts, specifically, related to one of their female social media “friends”, “… she posts nothing , but filtered pictures…”  The sounds and energy that followed screamed in agreement.

I agree, some of the filters used on Snapchat make everyone sport the uncreased, collagen filled skin of a child. I don’t use Snapchat, but I’ve fiddled with some of those super-hilarious-filters while on outings with family. As far as Instagram or Facebook, I have no knowledge of filters available because I’ve never used either platform.

Some people use filters or Photoshop to make themselves appear younger and more attractive, but, honestly, after using filters, I don’t believe standard filters dramatically change a person’s age and appearance. True, blemishes and fine lines can be diminished, but remain visible. However, eyes can’t use blemish or wrinkle erasers.

No matter, how much collagen is injected or Photoshopped , eyes reveal real age.

A thorough analysis of this topic would require a different post, but you get the idea. After all, “eyes are the window to the soul” is a cliche for a reason.

Why Do You Like Filters, Then?

Sometimes, I like the use of filters because they add feeling to the image. The subject’s thoughts and feelings speak to me. A filter can remind me of what I was feeling, thinking, doing, seeing, tasting, touching and hearing when the image, moment, or experience was captured. It turns pictures into films and books. Films and books I want to re-watch and re-read in the future.



Picture that inspired this week’s #everydayinspiration (I’m enrolled in a WordPress Course on Everyday Inspiration, so this is my assignment):


“What are you up to?”, asked my husband via text.

Naturally, I did what every sane person does in 2017- snap a pic of what I was doing, of course! Looking at the picture after sending it, made me fiddle with filters. Why? I’m a narcissist. Ha! NO WAY. I. AM. NOT. AT. ALL. One day, you will know why I seem like one.

IMG_6433 (2)

Looking at the picture, above, you see a woman in deep thought, right? No? Ok, even if you see something else, I didn’t see what I was really thinking and feeling that day. I took the picture, I might as well capture the moment as my mind experienced it.

Thanks to the handy-dandy photo app, this paper filter drove the message, perfectly.


Right? I still look like a thirty-something woman. The filter didn’t take away years. However, I added the emotion I was feeling upon: witnessing the crows’ acrobatic and enticing version of birds on Broadway; the wind’s kisses vacillating from soft to passionate, reminding me summer is inches away; feeling rejuvenated by a spin session, but not with the same exuberance running gives the spirit.

The one thing the filtered picture didn’t capture was the giddiness experienced upon seeing the tips of my hair. Notice the sun-kissed tips in the #nofilter picture (Pic #1)? I don’t color my hair, not yet, I will in a few years. I’m embracing the aging process, but, sorry, grey-white-silverish hair is not for me. With my naturally dark eyebrows, I’ll look like Snow White’s mean step mother. I’m so not mean. Plus, most people view me as a snoot at first impression, if I look like the lovely lady,  below, I’ll definitely have a tough time erasing that impression.

Snow White's Evil Step Mother

Snow White's Evil Step Mother


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