Stop Bashing Yourself, Marathon Runner!

This was the first year, since I started running marathons, that I did not race in one. It felt odd not training for an actual marathon, but it was nice to enjoy running for the reasons that I continue participating in this love, not love relationship with running.

Also, I realize how foolish I sound when people congratulate me on running a marathon and my response is often: “… thank you. I wish I could have trained for a faster time.” I get odd looks and I don’t blame the people who do it. In reflecting on how much I love running and the joy of training for and finishing a marathon, I realize that simply running 26.2 miles is amazing. I often drive that distance and think , uh-gah, I don’t want to drive that far. 

Most people will never run a marathon, so, those of us who keep bashing ourselves for not running it as fast as we want, need to realize that simply training for a marathon is a great accomplishment. Running and finishing one? Well, that is just amazing.

This picture is from November 5, 2022. We were home after watching our FAB son play a double header. By this time, I’m usually in the double digit mileage of training; however, this will be my son’s last year of high school baseball, and I refuse to miss any games, so, I’m still not signed up for an official 2023 marathon. Yes, his coach posted a season schedule, but… games are always added and like I said, I refuse to miss any games. Yes, even practice games. Marathon races can wait. My favorite and primary role is Mom!


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